Sunday, 11 April 2010

I haven't fallen off the face of the planet....

I've just been so incredibly busy over the past few weeks that I've had no time to sit and write a decent blog post.

Things that have been happening in my life since I last posted:

Finished all of my lectures in my first year of uni, yay!

Went out on the SJA night exercise on Dartmoor which was really fun. We did a bunch of different team building and first aid task, all while taking care of an important box of eggs (which were meant to be a swine flu cure so it was vital that we didn't break them). We got to use ambulance equipment like a defibrillator and stretchers which was pretty cool, and I'm excited to do more training to learn how to use all the other stuff. My team won, obviously :P. We came first out of 6 teams - we broke no eggs whereas 3 of the other groups broke at least one, and out of the 3 groups who broke no eggs we were then given points on how well we did for each of the tasks. I was impressed that we scored higher than teams that were being assessed for qualifications 2 or 3 levels above us!

Made the epic trip home, and now I'm here until the beginning of May until I have to travel back to "lovely" Falmouth. I'm holding out hope that when I get back the weather will be glorious so I can finally get to the beach and go on nice long walks. I only have 4 exams in May and I'll possibly stay until July (when I need to sign the contract on the new house, pay rent and collect keys), so I need something to keep me occupied until then, and I've done pretty much every wet weather activity there is!

Went out to Zizzi and Revolution in Richmond for Kat's birthday. I ended up swapping bits of my dinner in Zizzi (my avocado (which I hate because it's tasteless and mushy) for a slice of Jen's pizza, not exactly healthy but better tasting!), but the parts of my meal I did actually eat were yummy. I tried parma violet vodka in Revolution which was soooo good, and I had a couple of cola pear cocktails (cola cube and pear drop vodkas with lemonade) which were really sweet but still yum.

The next day I trotted off down to Portsmouth with Kat and Rachel for Kat's birthday. Not goona lie, Kat's halls are rubbish compared to mine (even she thinks so so it's alright) - they're tiny, with one toilet (that doesn't flush properly, I got left a lovely "present" in the morning, eww) between the 5 of them in the flat, and they're right on a public street and surrounded by loads of noisy people. On the plus side though, she is literally about 5 minutes away from everything - train station, shops, places to eat, lecture theatres... all of them are a short, gentle stroll away. And there are no hills - I hate that about Falmouth, nothing is on flat ground and even after almost 7 months my legs still burn any time I walk up a hill.
Anyway, back to the story of Portsmouth...
We had a look round the shops in the afternoon and then saw Madina Lake in the evening. They were amazing, as always, and reminded me of why I loved them so much over a year ago. I managed to nab myself a guitar pick which was a highlight of the night I reckon. The next day we just lazed around singing the duck song (before you watch, it's stupidly catchy and gets stuck in your head for days - you have been warned!)

Thennn the next day I went down to Devon to see Alan. I'd packed for rubbish weather but it ended up being beautiful the whole time we were there and the sun was shining every day. We even managed to go for a walk on Westward Ho! beach yesterday which was really nice. I've had a sore throat since Friday though which kinda spoiled it. I have no idea what it is, I thought it was a cold but it's a different kind of sore throat to the one I normally get just before a cold, and I've had bad headaches and severe tiredness too. Hopefully it'll clear up soon.

Anddddd I think that just about covers everything! Being ill and tired has probably made me ramble on a lot, so I'll probably read this in a few days and wonder what on earth I was on about haha.

Possibly off to Jane Austen's house tomorrow which should be interesting. When my mum went years ago she said you had to take your shoes off before you could go in to stop the floor getting wrecked. To be honest I'd be more worried about people making the whole house stink with their naked feet, eww!