Thursday, 19 August 2010

Oh how the time flies...

I have finally returned from Devon, where I seem to have spent far too much time this month.

I spent the first week in and around Teignmouth with Chris and his family. It was my first experience of a proper "holiday park" holiday - one where you hardly have to leave the site because everything's all in one place (shop, bar/pub, evening entertainment, swimming pool, restaurant etc.). Not really my cup of tea, I'd rather get out and see what's around rather than just staying in one place that's been completely built for tourists. I did have fun though, and got slightly addicted to bingo by the end of the week (fueled by my winnings of £25 one night, I felt such a sense of achievement haha).
We managed to cram quite a lot into the week -
Kent's Cavern,
Paignton Zoo (where we got attacked by a crazed seagull),
Go Ape (which is SO MUCH FUN, I didn't want to go at first but once I actually got into the swing of it I had a blast. If you haven't been (and don't mind heights!) I highly recommend it),
Bygones (a museum of old-time life I suppose you could call it, I could've spent forever in there looking at all the old packaging and everyday household objects),
a nice long walk at Becky Falls,
fishing for mackerel at sea (I caught 2 but had to throw them back, boo) then cooking and eating our catch,
playing endless games of Solitaire Showdown
and going crab fishing but catching fish instead (I managed to catch a shanny which was pretty creepy looking - it had spiny fins, bulging eyes and a set of very human-like teeth).

After being home for 4 days, I headed back to the Westcountry, the land I can't seem to escape from these days, for my long stint in Devon with Alan.
We managed to cram a lot into this holiday too...
Bees in a postbox at Quince Honey Farm. Makes my skin crawl just thinking about it!

(sorry for the picture spam, but I figured I can get away with it after being gone for a month!)

I've officially fallen in love with Clovelly (the place that holds the cobbled streets and the harbour in the photos above). It's so picturesque, captured how it was at the start of the 20th century. There are no cars in the town, everything goes down the cobbled hill into the town on sledges! All the houses are so quaint and interesting, it's the kind of place I would love to live. Although having said that, I probably wouldn't love it in reality - completely dead and isolated in winter, heaving with tourists in the summer. But hey, a girl can dream, right?

Now I'm back to the nothingness that has become my life since finishing exams. Possibly going to Calais with Chris for a day trip (oooh, aren't we classy. Hah.) on Wednesday, but other than that I've got nothing planned and the thought of heading back to Falmouth and the house in less than a month's time. Oh joy.