Friday, 14 October 2011


About 6 weeks ago, I came home after being at Steves for a few days to find that the internet in my house (which I may or may not have been borrowing from the uni building next door...) was no longer working.

I spoke to the uni IT people asking when it would be working again, and they told me it wouldn't be. Great. But other than this meaning I would have to pay for internet, I didn't really have a problem with it and thought I could sort out a connection in the house within a couple of days.

I had a look round the house looking for the phone line points and found none. So I phoned my landlord... who said there is no phone line in the house. I'm sorry, what? Was this house built in the dark ages? Who doesn't even have a phone line these days?!

But my landlord said she would sort it, and she came round a couple of days later saying she'd sorted out the phone line and the internet, and an engineer would be round in about 3 weeks to sort it out. This was a bit rubbish, considering it had already been 2 weeks without internet by this point, but I assumed it would all get sorted on that date.

The date (on Monday) came and went, with no sign of the engineer. The internet service provider told us nothing and said someone would come round the next morning.

Tuesday morning came and went too with no sign of an engineer. We phoned the service provider who fed us some bullshit about it being BT's fault, not theres, and it would be 3 to 5 working days before they even looked at our case, then up to another 2 weeks before the phone line was installed. Cue me going into a rage. This rage was made worse by a BT engineer pulling up in our driveway... but not for us, for a house at the top of the drive. Arrgghhh.

But on Wednesday, an engineer turned up to install the phone line. Slightly odd. But as some scaffolding had gone up on the building next door (on Tuesday, after the engineer was originally due to come) it would be difficult to put the phone line in directly to our house so it would have to be attached to the house next door. This shouldn't have been a problem, as our landlord owns the house next door too, but I couldn't get hold of my landlord to find out if this was ok. So I had to say bye bye to the engineer and bye bye to the prospect of getting internet again :(

I heard back from my landlord yesterday who said it was fine to put it on the house next door, but when I rang the service provider they said the earliest someone could come round is the 28th, another 2 weeks away. By that point we will have been internetless for almost 8 weeks. Bleh.

Sometimes I think life would be simpler if I lived in a shed haha.
Bring on the 28th when I can finally use the internet in bed again...

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