Sunday, 16 May 2010

50 craft projects in 2010

I've been inspired by other crafters on websites like Craftster to try and complete 50 projects this year. I know, it seems a little crazy starting nearly half way through the year, but I've got a nice long summer break coming up so I'll have plenty of free time for crafting. Plus I'm going to count projects I've already done this year, so it's not a whole new 50 projects from now on. I've only got 29 projects down so far but I'm sure it won't be difficult to come up with more amazing things I want to make.

I'm going to number the projects as I complete them (number 1 is the first project I finished, number 2 the second and so on), and the unfinished/not yet started projects further down the list will just be in a random order and each one will be moved further up the list and re-numbered once it's completed.

On to the list:

Completed projects:
1. Bird house
2. Tree of life pendant

In progress:
3. Daisy chain beaded bracelet
4. Crochet arm warmers

Still to come:
5. Beaded butterfly
6. Jane Austen bracelet
7. Wave bracelet
8. Sophia holdall
9. Beaded poppy
10. Altered jigsaw
11. Photo cube
12. Sock pig
13. Fused plastic sandwich wrap
14. Button necklace
15. Button earrings
16. Knitting needle roll
17. Salt scrub
18. Face mask
19. Bird embroideries to decorate my room
20. Curling ribbon coasters
21. Jewellery holder
22. Knitted Sackboy
23. Recipe book
24. Wool dryer balls
25. Temari
26. Pin cushion thread catcher
27. Decorated tissue box covers – one for home room and one for uni room
28. Turtle pincushion
29. Apron to wear while crafting

Watch this space for info and photos on the finished items!

I’d love to hear from other people who have set themselves the same or similar task this year, it would be great to see how people get on and the variety of things they create.

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