Wednesday, 27 July 2011

It's decided!

I've had itchy feet for a while and am desperate to go travelling, and I'd pretty much decided that once I've graduated I'm going to go on a really long holiday so I can get out and see the world. The only problem I've had this far though is deciding where to go.
Earlier I text Steve to ask him if he would like to be my travel buddy (which, thankfully, he said yes to. I wasn't really liking the prospect of going alone!), and he suggested "somewhere in Europe". I instantly took a like to this idea, but thought... why go to one place in Europe when we can get a train pass and go to lots of places in Europe!

Image from here

And so the year of obsessive planning, idea-gathering and money-saving begins! I'm ridiculously excited about this trip now, and it's going to be the perfect way to celebrate finishing education!


  1. Oh wow, sounds like loads of fun!!

  2. Yah! Good for you! Europe sure is a big place - but you've got plenty of time to narrow down your plans :D I've always wanted to visit Poland and Germany. But to date all of my travel has been in Asia (oh and Australia and the Pacific Islands - but living in NZ - those are practically down the road from me). Looking forward to hearing more about your planning!

  3. awh this is so exciting. I'd love to be making travelling plans.

    Helen, X