Friday, 13 January 2012

Five Things Fridays: Five places I'd love to travel to

As I'm still in South Africa, I thought this week's Five Things Friday should continue on the travel theme. So, this week's five things are:

Five places I'd love to travel to

1. Amsterdam
Even though I've been twice, those were both day trips with school so I'd love the chance to take some more time and explore the city properly.

2. USA

If I was going on a single trip I'd struggle so hard choosing which city or even which state I wanted to go to! My ideal trip would be to hire a car and travel round every single state - no idea where I'll find the money for this but I'm going to keep dreaming!

3. Honduras

I posted about my trip in 2009 here. This was the first time I'd ever left Europe, the first time I'd ever gone further than 1,000 miles from home, and only the 6th time I'd ever left the UK. As such it was a really big thing for me, and because of this the country will always be special to me. I'd love to go back some day and go back to the cloud forests and explore the country some more.

4. France

I've been to Paris and Strasbourg with school, and although they're typical touristy destinations I loved the atmosphere there, and I think French culture seems really interesting so I'd love to go and learn some more about it. Plus French is the only other language I speak (well, I could speak it when I did my GCSEs nearly 5 years ago, and I could probably still speak a bit now. Enough to get by anyway, and it's not a completely alien language to me) so it gets rid of the "argh I can't speak the language, what do I dooooo?!" anxiety that I would get going to any other non English-speaking country :P

5. Scotland
 I've got family in Scotland that I've never met or haven't seen in years, so I'd love to take a visit up there to see them. I haven't been there since I was 2 so I think a visit is well overdue!

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