Monday, 5 March 2012

Izzy in the news

I'm in the West Briton newspaper this week :D

Last April I wrote an application to get LINKS some money from my uni's Annual Fund, a pot of money set aside for student projects. We were awarded over £3,000, which allowed us to buy 3 full family sets of CPR training manikins, 4 handheld portable radios for communicating on duty, and an AED (a defibrillator, the machines that help to get peoples hearts working properly again after they've suffered a cardiac arrest).

Uni were obviously really keen for us to publicise the fact that they'd given us money to buy some fancy new equipment with, so Steve wrote a press release which St John Ambulance put in the West Briton. So I got to put on my uniform and look all serious to show off our fancy new training kit.

Next project: trying to get money from people so we can buy a new vehicle for LINKS :D

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  1. thats awesome! congrats!

    looking forward to your south africa posts :)