Friday, 24 February 2012

Five Things Fridays: Five reasons why I won't be sad to finish uni

(as expected, I found it quite difficult deciding which five things were going to make the list :P)

1. I won't miss having to clean up after other people who should be cleaning up after themselves.
Every place I've lived while I've been at uni, I've ended up cleaning up after people who are old enough and capable enough of cleaning up after themselves. Dirty dishes left for days, food left to fester in the fridge until it goes beyond the point of rotten, rubbish strewn all over the place when the bin is a metre or two away, pubes all over the bath/shower, toilets that never get cleaned (even when there's pee on them *vom*), mildew all over the walls, bits of food left in the kitchen sink... all little tiny things that don't take long to sort out if you've got half an ounce of common sense, yet people don't do them. Why?! Laziness? Never having to take responsibility for looking after themselves until they came to uni so they don't know how to do it  or even register that it needs to be done? Not caring about decency towards other people living in the house? I really don't know, probably a combination of all those factors and more.

2. I won't miss the work
I feel like I put a lot of effort into the work on my course, yet no matter how hard I try my marks get progressively worse. Needless to say this has left me feeling really disheartened about work, and lacking motivation to do it. Although my marks have been picking up this term, so fingers crossed this gives me the motivation I need to get to the end of the year!

3. I won't miss the "banter"
"Banter", for those not surrounded by arrogant 20-something men, is basically bullying and verbal abuse that is then excused under the explanation that it's "banter" and only meant to be light-hearted. Call me dull and boring if you want, but I can't stand it and I think it's just miserable idiots finding an excuse to be pricks and get amusement from making other people unhappy. I've been the victim to a lot of this and it's really hurt me - at times when I've needed support from people and have just got insults it stings especially hard. A website called UniLad was recently shut down after it posted an article saying something along the lines of "rape is just banter". Urgh.

4. I won't miss feeling like I need to drink until I pass out in order to be accepted
Well, that's a slight overexaggeration, but it literally took me two years to get people to understand that I don't like getting drunk for personal reasons, as well as the fact that I really don't see the appeal of going out once a week to spend a load of money, make a tit out of myself, wreck my liver and feel atrocious the next day. I've seen the horrible effects of what drink can do to people, and I'm not saying that every student is going to end up an alcoholic, but by doing duties at our student's union on party nights I've seen and treated so many people who are incapable of retaining any sense of dignity because they've drunk far too much. I'd rather not be that person, and I can't wait to find people that accept that and let me be.

5. I won't miss the ever-increasing student debt
I'm so glad I've done uni now and am not going to be starting next year when the £9,000 fees are brought in. I feel so sorry for those who are or have been put off going to uni because of it :(. The £3,500ish that I've paid each year has racked me up enough debt, I would hate for it to be even more. I also hate the feeling of spending money that isn't mine (i.e. getting into debt) so I can't wait to start getting my loan paid off so it's not hanging over my head any more and I know that the money I have is mine to spend without oweing anyone anything.


  1. I still have a year to go, but I can see what you mean ;)



  2. I will be 29 in April and I am living in a house where I STILL have to do all the cleaning and clearing up after people. And these people have all been through uni (one is doing a PhD at the moment) so I have no idea what it is that makes people unable to look after themselves or have respect for other people. I can only think to blame the parents.

    But just thought I should warn you, in case you ever find yourself in a house-sharing situation down the line - these people do not improve with age!