Friday, 27 May 2011

101 things in 1001 days: update

I haven't been progressing as quickly as I would have liked with this due to having a massively busy term, but now that I'm free for the summer (well, sort of) I've got plenty of time to tick a load more off my list.

So far I've completed 6 things from my list:
23. Give blood - completed 24th January 2011
40. Make a new friend
51. Try Geocaching - completed 27th January 2011
67. Have a picnic - 3rd March 2011
85. List 25 different species of animal I've seen in the wild - completed 11th April 2011
93. Become a PTA - completed 19th February 2011

And these things are in progress...
35. Try 50 new foods - 5/50
76. Eat at 10 new restaurants - 3/10

I'm hopefully going to get round to blogging about all of these at some point!

And I'm still looking for suggestions for the last 8 things on my list if anyone can think of something fun for me to do...

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