Sunday, 1 May 2011

The never ending saga of my attempt to order from Threadless

Back in March, I placed an order for these...

... from Threadless, a US-based t-shirt site, hoping they would arrive before I left Cornwall for Easter. It said maximum 3 weeks delivery time, so I thought they would have plenty of time to get here.

Unfortunately, they didn't :(

4 days after I'd left, when I was in Cyprus, I got a text from one of my housemates saying that a card had come through the door for me from Royal Mail saying I had a fee to pay on a parcel. On top of the £38 or something I'd already spent on the shirts (yeah, I know, most expensive t-shirts ever), I now had a £15.35 customs and admin fee to pay for bringing them into the country. I was pretty miffed, but the t-shirts are cool and I'd been looking forward to getting them, so when I got back from Cyprus I paid the fee.

I then discovered that the delivery office only holds parcels for up to 3 weeks before returning them to sender...
It was the Easter holidays, so the house was empty.
Empty house means no one would be in to open the door for the delivery.
No one in to open the door means I'd have to wait until I get back to get the parcel from the delivery office.
I would only be getting back 3 and a half weeks after the card was left.


Luckily another one of my housemates was already back, so she kindly went to try and collect the parcel from the delivery office for me...

... but when she got there they couldn't find the parcel. Erm, what?

So they took her number and details, but she got back to the house to find the parcel had already been delivered and as it didn't look very parcel-like she hadn't noticed and it had become buried under piles of stuff on the kitchen table.

Panic over, the t-shirts were safely in the house and ready to wear when I got back.

So I arrive back a week ago, plan on wearing one of the t-shirts the next day, and excitedly tear into the parcel to find...
Excuse me, but what's with the one on the right?! Where's the blue one I actually ordered?!
Mega disappointment right then.

From a little bit of noseying around on the Threadless site, I discovered that the t-shirt I'd received is called "Hibernate" and the one I'd ordered is called "Hibearnation". An easy mistake to make when packaging up orders I guess, but whoever was doing it should've noticed that the t-shirt on my invoice was described as jade in colour, but that one is clearly black. Sigh...

It's all been sorted now though, they're sending me the correct one free of charge and I get to keep the incorrect one (anyone want to buy it? :P).
Fingers crossed the right one turns up and there's no faffing around like last time!

I wouldn't say I'd never order from Threadless again, as it this kind of error could happen to anyone and the delay and the customs charges was nothing to do with them, but it's certainly made me hesitant to shop from foreign websites if this is the amount of hassle it causes!

Update: I've finally got the right t-shirt, wooo! It arrived a lot quicker than the first two (I'm guessing because it didn't get stopped by customs) and it fits perfectly. I'm a happy bunny now :D

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