Saturday, 9 October 2010

101 things in 1001 days

A while back I stumbled across this website, The Day Zero Project, and was inspired to make a list of tasks to complete myself.

I've spent a lot of time mulling over which tasks I wanted to include - some of them were obvious and things that I've been wanting to do for a while, but after those I got a bit stuck and didn't want to include any old meaningless thing just so I'd get to the target of 101 quicker.

After spending ages trawling through the Idea Finder on the site, itching to start on my tasks but not wanting to do so until I'd finished the list, I decided that as much as I didn't want to I might as well start with an incomplete list and hope that ideas for the remaining 9 tasks came to mind along the way.

I started my 1001 days on the 6th of October (my birthday, seemed like a good day to start it on), meaning I'll finish on the 4th of July 2013 (by which point I'll be approaching the age of 23... scary thought!).

I'll be posting with updates on completed tasks/tasks in progress, but I've also added a page (which can be found here or at the top of the left sidebar) to give an overview of my project.

And so, without further ado, here is the list of 92 (hopefully soon to become 101!) tasks I am aiming to complete in the next 1001 days:

  1. Write in a diary every day
  2. Answer the “50 Questions That Will Free Your Mind”
  3. Walk 500 miles
  4. Take a photograph of myself every week
  5. Visit the USA
  6. Pass my driving theory test
  7. Pass my driving practical test
  8. Go diving
  9. Go to Scotland
  10. Visit 5 places north of London
  11. Knit a garment
  12. Sew a garment
  13. Learn the phonetic alphabet
  14. Sell at least one piece of jewellery
  15. Read 101 books
  16. Watch 101 films
  17. Learn to touch-type
  18. Complete my degree
  19. Have a birthday party
  20. Craft in public
  21. Save £5 for every task I complete
  22. Win NaNoWriMo
  23. Give blood
  24. Send a message in a bottle
  25. Host a dinner party
  26. Be a vegetarian for a week
  27. Plant a tree
  28. Write a letter to myself to open at the end of the 1001 days
  29. Make a time capsule
  30. Get properly fitted for a bra
  31. Get a penpal
  32. Go horse riding
  33. Make all my food from scratch for a fortnight
  34. Make a birthday cake for someone
  35. Try 50 new foods
  36. Crochet a granny square blanket
  37. Watch all episodes of a TV series in order
  38. Fill up my change jar
  39. Make a recipe book
  40. Make a new friend
  41. Buy a copy of The Big Issue
  42. Let a balloon go with my contact details attached and see where it ends up
  43. Lose weight
  44. Watch no TV for a week
  45. Do the 200 sit-ups challenge (
  46. Get a pet
  47. Finish a Rubik’s Cube
  48. Take pictures in a photo booth
  49. Learn to cook 10 meals
  50. Make a gingerbread house
  51. Try Geocaching
  52. Finish a 100o+ piece jigsaw without using the picture on the box
  53. Make a list of 101 facts about me
  54. Go camping for a weekend
  55. Take part in a pub quiz
  56. Make a family tree
  57. Make ice cream
  58. Have my fortune tols
  59. Make a stop-motion video
  60. See a dolphin in the wild
  61. See a whale in the wild
  62. Make a list of things I like about myself
  63. Read an autobiography
  64. Take a photo of a place through all four seasons
  65. Write a haiku
  66. Spend a night in a posh hotel
  67. Have a picnic
  68. Spend an afternoon reading outside
  69. Complete at least 100 hours of voluntary work
  70. Swim in the sea
  71. Finish a knitting project
  72. Go for a long bike ride
  73. Give a handmade gift
  74. Spend a day at the beach
  75. Read all of Jane Austen’s novels
  76. Eat at 10 new restaurants
  77. Make a list of my 25 best qualities
  78. Go one week without swearing
  79. Get a job
  80. Find a constellation in the night sky
  81. Enter 10 competitions
  82. List 101 things that make me happy
  83. Go for a walk in a forest
  84. Make a list of 101 of my accomplishments in life
  85. List 25 different species of animal I’ve seen in the wild
  86. Grow a fruit or vegetable
  87. Document one month of my life in photographs
  88. Send 25 postcards via
  89. Write a letter to someone who has changed my life
  90. Pick one random word from a dictionary each week, learn it’s meaning and try to use it in conversation
  91. Don’t say anything negative for a day
  92. Start a new tradition

Any suggestions for things to add to my list will be very welcomed, I'm seriously stuck haha.

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  1. I think I would most definitely fail at just making this list, let alone completing any of the things on it!

    All I can say is GOOD LUCK!