Tuesday, 5 October 2010

The Catch-Up Part 3: New uni house

After months of grief and arguments and waiting, I finally moved into my new student house in mid-September.

(I tried to be clever and failed... my room is really hard to photograph so this makes it look a lot bigger than it actually is!)

The house is... tolerable. There's mildewy bits all over the place, the upstairs bathroom suite is brown (eww), and we're right on a road so I get all the street and traffic noise. It's also never clean and always noisy, but you get that in every single student house so this one doesn't really stick out.
My room is tiny so I can't have as much stuff as I would like and it's really hard to keep tidy, but smallness means cheap rent so I can deal with it. Plus I'm not finding not having all my stuff here as bad as I thought I would - hopefully this will encourage me to de-clutter when I get home haha.

On the plus side, I do have a lovely view over the River Fal estuary, so I can sit on my bed with my laptop and look out at the boats.

(the other side of the view from my window... not quite so pretty haha)

I've only been back a little over 2 weeks, and in that time tensions within the house have been gradually building up. Now all 6 of us are back in the house though things have been building up even further, and today it all kicked off and at one point I had a door slammed in my face when I asked for help to take the recycling to the nearest collection point because we missed the collection from the house last week (it's collected fortnightly) and we'd got to the point where it was overflowing.
Hopefully we'll all at least manage to at least be civil to each other, because another 9 months of this will drive me insane...


  1. Aaaah it all sounds so familiar to me! The arguments at least. I was quite lucky really because flat/house-wise at uni I did pretty well and lived in fairly nice places. What's ironic is that 6 years after graduating I am now living like a student in a teeny tiny damp room in a house which is never clean and makes me want to rip my hair out and pluck out my eyeballs.

  2. Sounds like a nightmare! Fingers crossed that you find somewhere better soon!

    I lived in a really nice place last year; they'd just built our halls so I was the first person to live in my room. I had a double bed, en suite, huge desk, loads of shelf space... and now I have none of those things. I'm going to make sure I start looking for next year's house stupidly early so I don't miss out on all the good ones again!