Sunday, 3 October 2010

The Catch-Up Part 2: London Aquarium

A week or so before I headed back to uni, my mum and I went on day out to the London Aquarium.

The website said it takes roughly 2 hours to walk round but boy were they wrong; we were there for at least double that time!

It was fascinating watching all the fish just swimming around and getting on with their day-to-day business, I could’ve sat there forever and watched them (although the small children did put me off staying in one place for too long... hearing shouts of “NEMO!!” at every single fish got tiresome after the first 10 minutes, and having the strap of my handbag constantly pulled by children wanting to push their way in front of me made me mad!)

The aquarium has 2 huge tanks in the middle – one reminded me of Finding Nemo with all of it’s colourful tropical fish and a couple of rays, and the other was full of huge sharks (some of which were constantly bearing their teeth which creeped me out a little).

When mum went with one of the people she supports, they saw a diver in one of the big tanks cleaning the glass. Now she keeps pestering me to apply for work experience there so I can do it too, which would be amazing but unlikely (due to the high volume of applicant they no doubt get and the fact that work experience people usually end up being the dogsbody). Who knows though, there’s no harm in asking so I’m in the process of drafting an application letter. Fingers crossed! (and I just applied for a placement at London Zoo so fingers crossed for there too!)

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