Monday, 18 October 2010

What the.... ? *eye twitches with stress*

This is the statistics program that's highly likely to give me nightmares between now and when the module I need it for finishes in January.

I thought having done an A level statistics module would help me, but oh no, things just couldn't be that simple.

The uni didn't want to spend all of our big juicy tuition fee monies on buying a license so that we can all use the decent, simple software, they decided to torture us with a horrifically complicated open source version instead.

It's not like Excel where you just bung in some numbers, click a few things and get some lovely stats and a pretty graph - there are so many different functions you have to know to even work the ruddy thing, and it's case sensitive so putting t instead of T at the end the first long formula in red in the picture above means that the whole function just fails (as I found out in the lecture earlier when I kept repeating the same fail over and over again. It's the same with ", and I kept missing those out too...)

Still, when I eventually get to grips with this I'll be able to show off my amazing statistical and computing powers, and everyone will be amazed!
(except I'll most likely never use this in my future career and all my time and brain cells will have been wasted, yay).

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