Saturday, 4 February 2012

Five Things Fridays - Update: 5 animals I wanted to see in South Africa

I've managed to slack on Five Things Fridays already, I'm terrible. I've been really busy (and also stuck in post- Christmas and New Year laziness mode) since I got back from South Africa and came back down to Cornwall, so the weeks keep rolling around and I completely forget to write the posts I have in mind >.<. But I'm going to try and catch up from this week onwards!
As a small attempt to start catching up, here's the updated version of my Five Things Fridays post on the animals I most wanted to see on my trip, complete with photos I took when I saw the animals up close!

Five animals I wanted to see in South Africa (and did!)

1. Elephants
2. Great White Sharks

3. Rhinos

4. Lions

5. Zebras

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