Tuesday, 7 February 2012

A post that's not about snow.

My Google Reader and Facebook have been filled with posts about the snow the UK's been having over the past few days, which would normally be quite exciting for me... except Cornwall is the only place in the country that hasn't had snow, and we aren't forecast to get any either. Bah. In fact, the view from my window right now is this...
Please excuse the rubbish webcam photo, I didn't think the miserable weather was worthy of me getting my proper camera out.

So, instead of going out and building snowmen and suchlike, I've bought myself one of these:
When I was 12/13 I wrote in a diary every day for a year. I love having a snapshot of my life to look back on, and I regret not keeping a diary since then. I spotted these on a couple of blogs and thought it was a lovely idea. I especially like the fact that you can compare what you've been doing on each day across the years just by looking at one page.
When I told my mum I wanted one of these she made the noise that means "I'm not impressed" and "You're wasting your money on more crap?!". Yet I found out she kept diaries quite a bit when she was younger, and even kept a five-year diary at one point! Except she's thrown them away which I was quite sad about as I would've loved to have read them to see how much I'm like my mum when she was my age.

One last thing that isn't at all snow related: I gave my 5th blood donation yesterday which I'm pretty proud of :). I've done a post about giving blood here so I'll spare you the speech about why everyone should go and do it :P

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