Saturday, 13 March 2010

And so, a new blog is born...

Greetings, and welcome to my shiny new blog!

I've lost track of how many blogs I've had on various sites, but I'm going to make this one a keeper. My previous blogs have been filled with emo rants from when I was about 15, and as I've got older I've realised that I need to put those times in the past and keep them there.
So I'm starting completely afresh, with a new blog for my new adult life and all the good times and trials that lay ahead. I'm going to fill this blog with all the new people, things, experiences and places I discover along the way (hence the blog name, A Tale of New Cities). There'll also be a scattering of my craft projects, as I'm always trying new things and I want to share my masterpieces (and the things that don't turn out too brilliantly!) and all the cool ideas I find.

This is by no means the layout I'm going to keep, I've seen so many cool layouts that I'd love to use elements of in my own layout, but as I'm a Blogger n00b I've got no idea how to do all the things I want to do! I also need a more flattering profile picture - the current one is of me standing in the middle of a muddy rugby field in my lovely luminous yellow and vibrant green St John Ambulance uniform after first-aiding all day at the Bottle Match. I might also change my header - the one I'm using now is a photo I took of Pendeen Lighthouse when Chris and I went there last Saturday after a trip to Penzance. It's very basic but I wasn't feeling terribly creative and I liked the photo.

With that, I'm off to try my hand at my newest hobby, embroidering! I picked up a Sublime Stitching book on TSUK as I've been itching to try embroidery for ages, and I bought all my supplies today (including 150 skeins of embroidery floss for £14.99 from Argos - bargain). I'm hoping this will be a very easy hobby that I can use to help me de-stress, and it's very portable too as it requires very few tools and materials, so I can do it on the go. Pictures of my attempts will be up some time in the next few days!

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