Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Help me, I'm drowning!

This has been the longest week of my life ever.

After having no work all term, it all gets piled on in the last week so I somehow have to try and cram in doing 2 essays and revision of a whole module for a test. Sigh.
One essay is for Conservation and it's assessed and thankfully it's nearly finished, I just need another 200-or-so words and another journal reference. The other essay is for a Physiology lab tomorrow, which is going to be a "let's peer-mark essays!" type set up. So it'll an hour and a half of thinking "I don't want to write negative comments on someone's essay, but I can't just write amazing all over it, I need to provide some kind of constructive criticism without hurting anyone's feelings...", so basically a morning of awkwardness. Time wise, it's the kind of question where all the information will be in the textbook so it shouldn't take me too long, which is a definite plus seeing as I have so much to cram in over the next few days.
As for the Evolution test, I have no idea if I'll be able to fit a whole module's worth of revision into one day, but I'm going to have to try as the test needs to be done today or tomorrow. I love these tests, multiple choice and open book make life pretty simple. It's worth 40% of my module mark though, so I do need to put in at least a bit of effort.

So, the plan of action for today is:
  • bust out the Physiology essay. Hopefully my £50 textbook will provide me with all the information I need
  • Revisereviserevise! I'm halfway through lecture 4 out of 18, so I've still got a pretty long way to go...
  • If by any slim chance I still have time left after all of that and haven't lost the will to live, I'll attempt to finish the Conservation essay (but this is pretty much last priority now as it's due in Friday morning whereas the essay is due 9am tomorrow and the test needs to be done before tomorrow evening)
I guess we'll just have to wait and see how much of that I actually accomplish without getting distracted, haha. I'm feeling the strain a bit now as I've been working all day every day since Friday, but the fact that I'll be completely finished for Easter (apart from a few lectures on Monday and Tuesday) by this time on Friday, and then I'm heading home next Wednesday morning, yay!

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