Monday, 15 March 2010

My first attempt at embroidery

Ta-daaa! *is pleased with self*

I think it turned out pretty well, considering I've never tried anything like this before. I used what I think are pretty basic stitches so it was relatively easy, and the pattern was made up of nice straight lines so I didn't have to worry about detail work.

Stitches I used:
  • cherry stem: couching
  • cherry: backstitch for the outline, satin stitch to fill it in
  • outline of the frosting: stem stitch for the top and 'scalloping chain' (as it's called in the Sublime Stitching book) or 'lazy daisy' stitch for the bottom (I'm not sure which it's actually called, can't seem to find the right answer with my limited knowledge at the moment. Anyone with more experience care to enlighten me?)
  • sprinkles: French knots
  • case: split stitch
I've found some pretty cool patterns for birds, so I might do a couple to use as decorations in my room next year.

Speaking of next year's house, we've got our second look round tomorrow. It clashes with yet another thing on my timetable - the St John meeting tomorrow evening. It's kinda important that I go, because it's the committee elections and I'm running for Treasurer (I know I'm the only person running, but still...), and we may possibly miss radio training for the UCAS fair duty on Wednesday. Arghhh, there's always something getting in the way of this house stuff. I just want contracts to be signed and for us to move in so that it's all sorted. But before that we have to decide who's having which room, which isn't going to end well...

Wish me luck, I think I'm going to need it!

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