Friday, 19 March 2010

Om nom nom

The St John pizza eating contest today was quite a success. 10 people took part, and we raised £65.20 (which goes 10% of the way to clearing our £600-odd debt... I only found out it was this much today, I'd previously believed it was only £100-odd. We've got a LOT of fundraising to do). Probably not the best message for first aiders to give out ("Come and frantically stuff your face with pizza until you puke, woo!"), but £2 for a large pizza is a bargain most students won't pass up, and we managed to get some much needed funds for our unit in the process.
It was so funny, and at the same time rather disgusting, watching the different ways people were coming up with to cram the pizza into their faces. Folding it up like a sandwich, stacking slices on top of each other, washing it down with water (without much chewing, eww), dipping it in water
The fastest time was about 4 minutes and 10 seconds I think, and the longest was about 15 minutes and I think a couple of people still failed to finish. One guy looked like he was going to be sick, he was all shaky and pale sat there with a sick bowl in front of him. Lovely.

ETA: I got the role of Treasurer in our SJA unit! All the other newly elected committee members are shadowing the person who is currently doing their role, which is what I would be doing under normal circumstances, but I've been thrown in at the deep end and have taken over straight away as the treasurer before me has left uni. Eep! It doesn't look like as mammoth and complicated a task as I thought it did, but it's still going to take a bit of time to get my head round it. Even so, I'm looking forward to it and it should be good fun.

Anyway, on to a more pleasant topic...

Next year's house is sorted... I hope. I say "I hope" because people could still change their minds, but hopefully that won't happen and we'll just be able to get on with it.
After very nearly 2 weeks of "discussions" and bad feeling we've all managed to come to an agreement. I've also decided that unless next year is amazing I'll be living by myself or with fewer and different people next year, as we don't seem to work well as a group and I don't want the stresses we've already had over this house to interfere with my final year work.

In other news, I'm crocheting myself some wrist warmers using this pattern. I'm very new to crochet, but these are turning out pretty nicely. I somehow managed to lose a few stitches at one end of the first one so its a bit lop sided, but when I sew it into a tube to finish it hopefully it won't be too noticeable. Pictures will be posted upon completion!

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