Friday, 26 March 2010

Week from hell is officially over.

About time too.

Got my Physiology essay done, and kinda wish I hadn't bothered now as it was just "Give yourself a mark out of 100. Here's the marks scheme. Okay now read someone else's essay and give it a mark out of 100." Well thanks, but if I actually knew what made a good essay I wouldn't be here and I'd be writing said amazing essays. But turns out I fail miserably at them, so I was kinda hoping this lab would be a bit useful... . I suppose it was useful for revision in a way, because now I've got 3 lectures less revision to do before the Animal Physiology test next week.

Got the Conservation essay done too, although it did involve a lot of stressing last night because I struggled with finding another good journal to reference. I kept finding things that looked amazing, but then when I actually read them they weren't what I needed at all. In the end I just put in something that wasn't perfect but it'll do, but now I just hope they don't know the studies I used or bother to read the articles, because I bent their words just a smidgen, just to make it fit better into my essay. I really need to work on my journal searching *sigh*.

Polished off the Lab Techniques assessment and handed that in this morning along with my Conservation essay. 2 assessed pieces handed in on one day, one (the lab one) just under a week early. I was pretty pleased with myself.

The last item on my list was the Evolution test, and I managed to get that done this afternoon after losing all previous motivation - it was the last stretch of work before a nice long break, I had 3 or so more lectures to revise and then the test to do, but I was just... so... tired... . Thankfully the test wasn't massively difficult, and I managed to comfortably finish it within the hour.

Next piece of work is the Animal Physiology test on Monday and Tuesday, but I'm going to forget about it until then and enjoy my weekend, I've earned it!
I think through all this I've learned that it really is much better when I just get on and actually do the work. As much as I don't like it and dread getting started, once I actually do push myself to at least pick up a pen and make some notes it gets a lot easier. And I managed my time pretty well too and was able to finish everything without rushing it an hour before it's due in. After I'd finished my test this afternoon I didn't know what to do with myself, I'd been working without any leisure time for a full week so my brain had got shut in work mode, and to be honest I really didn't hate it as much as I thought I did. Now I need to work on starting work soon after I get it, not knowing about it for weeks and then leaving it until the final week before it's due in.
(Note to future self: you did actually feel like this, it was not soul destroying as you imagined it to be and it was actually manageable once you actually put your head down and got on with it. You can do it! And don't forget that you can!)

Going off for a "night exercise" on Dartmoor tomorrow with St John. I have no clue what we're doing but it should be so much fun! I'll need to be wearing about 20 layers though otherwise I'm going to freeze, I get cold enough in my room as it is without being out on a wild and windy moor haha. Pictures on Sunday, once I've slept half the day away after our 4am-ish arrival back to campus, yikes.

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